History of art collection

Dragan Popovic, curator of art history

The oldest discovered trace of painting in Prokuplje is located in the frescoes of the church of St. Prokopije in Prokuplje. It is a fivedomed basilica which was assumed to originate from the X century. The old layer of frescoes from the XI century preserved only in fragments on the eastern side of the second column of the southern dome. Newer layer of frescoes dates from the fourteenth century, also preserved only in fragments. In the early twentieth century art has been focused on the architecture, and painting in Prokuplje began to develop intensively during the 50s with the emergence of Velebit Rendic, an academic painter. In the artistic life of Prokuplje operates the Association of Artists of Toplica (ULUT), founded in 1994. The Association has over 20 painters, sculptors and designers. Special stamp to artistic life of the city gives dozen amateur artists. Important place in artistic activities of Toplica belongs to the National Museum of Toplica, within which operate two art galleries.

Народни Музеј Топлице

Народни музеј Топлице oснован је 1946. год. у старом здању и адаптираном простору зграде на Хисару (задужбина бившег министра здравља лекара Алексе Савића).
Музеј је 1962. године пресељен у зграду бивше поште у улици Ратка Павловића. Зграда је и данас споменик културе под заштитом државе.


Народни музеј Топлице

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