Ethnological collection

Department of Ethnology was established in 1986 with the task of systematically processing the ethnological material and presenting it to the public through thematic exhibitions. The collection includes about 700 items, grouped into thematic sections: national costumes, jewelry, textiles, metal and wooden furniture and pottery. A collection ,,Old Prokuplje`` represents a special unit, which is partly exposed in the permanent exhibition, ,City room``.

-National costumes


-The metal furniture


-Wooden furniture


National costumes

Homemade rural costumes produced from animal fibers (wool) and plant origin (hemp, flax and cotton) are the most represented. Selected items:

Сукња вутарка (Инв.бр. 337)-припада типу јужноморавске ношње
Description: Woven on a wide reed, the basis of cotton, weft ,,hemp clothed", painted in „civit“ (indigo blue). Origin: Donje Kordince. Period: before World War II.
Прегача – запасачка (Инв.бр. 95)
Description: Foreground was made of wool, lavishly decorated (the central motif is the double-headed eagle with a crown) Origin: Prokuplje area Period: First half of the XX century.


The collection consists of items of various shapes, which in addition to decorative and magical character are reflecting the social status.

Selected items:

Копча-пафта (Инв.бр.57)
Description: leaf shapes, stylized floral and animal motifs: signature 1896 A. S. Origin: Prokuplje Period: XIX century.
Наруквица (Инв.бр. 450)
Description: ,,the hinge" of the 12 chains banded with two plates, which one of is decorated with colorful stones, made of silver, with technique of filigree and granulation Origin: Prokuplje Period: XVIII-XIX century.

Народни Музеј Топлице

Народни музеј Топлице oснован је 1946. год. у старом здању и адаптираном простору зграде на Хисару (задужбина бившег министра здравља лекара Алексе Савића).
Музеј је 1962. године пресељен у зграду бивше поште у улици Ратка Павловића. Зграда је и данас споменик културе под заштитом државе.


Народни музеј Топлице

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