The Town's Board of officals brought the decision of founding the National Museum of Toplica in 1948. Initially, the Museum started working in the adapted space of a building on Hisar (legacy of the former Minister of Health, Aleksa Savic).
The first exhibit was historical - it was focused on the People's Liberation War (NOB) and consisted of various weapons, photos and documents from NOB. In 1962, the Museum was translocated to the former post office building in Ratka Pavlovica street. This building had been designed by an architect Branko Tanazevic in 1912. Today, it is a cultural monument under the State's protection.

The Museum has a regional status and it is a complex type instituion. Within the Museum there are :
- an archaeological department with its collection and exhibit.
- a historical department with two collections and exhibits : The Toplica uprising of 1917. and World War II in Toplica, as well as memorial room - The Toplica uprising in Grgure village (Blace county).
- an ethnological department with its collection and exhibit - Town room.
- an art history department with a collection of artistic paintings and sculptures.
The Museum has two galleries :
- the gallery within the Museum building, which was been constructed in 1978. during the Museum building adaptation. This gallery hosts exhibits, concerts, various manifestations and other events.
- the ''Boza Ilic'' gallery, which was opened in 1996. and hosts exhibits of academic painters.

The Museum has been organizing an annual painting collony called ''The Boza Ilic memorial'' since 1998, and the local municipal authorities present a prestigious painting award ''Boza Ilic''.
The Museum also has a photo laboratory, and there are plans for adding a workshop for conservation-restauration. In the period 1996-2009, the Museum published ten books and many catalogues under the ''Legacy'' publishing series.

Народни Музеј Топлице

Народни музеј Топлице oснован је 1946. год. у старом здању и адаптираном простору зграде на Хисару (задужбина бившег министра здравља лекара Алексе Савића).
Музеј је 1962. године пресељен у зграду бивше поште у улици Ратка Павловића. Зграда је и данас споменик културе под заштитом државе.


Народни музеј Топлице

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